Dosing flow meter Macnaught MX Batch with oval wheels

Represents a comprehensive intelligent system combined with the flow meter with oval wheels and the batching unit.


Key technical properties

A new generation of MX series Macnaught flow meters is due to long time stability, high endurance and reliability is adapted for the widest use in various industries.

It is made in connections from ¼“ up to 4″ with the possibility of connection through ordinary BSP and NPT threads but also with flange adapters, namely for flow rates from 0.5 l/h up to 1200 l/min. After implementation in special technologies, the adapters are readily available in several material designs (AISI 316, aluminium, PPS).

Another advantage is the special bayonet clamping system for pulse or display units, thanks to which the entire system is readily available for use and fully portable to other meters.

In combination with the Batch unit, it is a comprehensive compact system solving the batching issue from initial batch adjustment, its measurement, (possibly its pausing or cancelling), up to direct control of the actuator using 230VAC control voltage.

Operator controls are adapted for using gloves when handling so that it is conformable to application in heavy industry. The batch size can be set by the rotary potentiometer completed with two buttons to control the batch.


Two versions of evaluating unit are available

  • The robust design of BATCH unit adapted with its simple control and big controls for setting also with gloves even in extremely heavy conditions and it is fitted with a complete noise suppression filter.
  • The ERB unit is made with a smaller box and smaller control buttons.


Application of the batch flow meter with oval wheels in industry

Dosing flow meter Macnaught – MX Batch meter is suitable for various batching processes in industry.


Dosing flow meter Macnaught MX Batch and its main advantages

ERB unit
  • Self-teaching of overrun correction
  • Easy input of batch meter value and process management
  • Representation of the batch by subtraction or addition
  • Possibility to select units indicating volume or weight
  • Ability to process all types of flow meter signals
  • Operating temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Robust aluminium housing for IP67/NEMA4X installation.
  • Optional ATEX design for dust and gases
Batch unit
  • Industrial design of the batch meter
  • Very simple and intuitive service
  • Potentiometer for batch size adjustment
  • Possibility to stop the batch and complete it later
  • Impulse output of the flow with a variable constant
  • High abrasion resistance (even flowing concrete)
  • The flow sensor can be modified to a very aggressive or alkaline fluid
  • High variability of process connection.
  • Sensor in full corrosion-proof construction
Product photogalery

Technical parameters