Installation and service

We provide for warranty and after-warranty service not only for COMAC CAL s.r.o. products, but in co-operation with our suppliers also for the range of instrumentation and sensor technology devices delivered by us. We provide globally not only for designs, deliveries and measurement installation, but our technicians are willing to help you with putting single components into operation.

Our workers are equipped for diagnostics, testing and adjustment of sensors and meters. If it is possible, they are able to perform service actions on the spot. If it shown that the given device must be repaired in the company’s facilities or re-calibration must be performed after repairing, even this can be ensured within terms complying with customer requirements.


Technical support

Our technicians are willing to help you with designing and solving individual points of measurement. We have a team of people with profound vocational knowledge and experience and with specialization in individual types of measurement, namely


  • Heat measurement (induction, mechanical, heating costs indicators)
  • Flow rate measurement (induction, oval gears, mechanical)
  • Batching and flow rate monitoring
  • Pressure and vacuum measurement (both absolute and relative))
  • Level measurement (including GSM transmission for water resources officers)
  • Temperature and conductivity measurement
  • Communication for data transmission
  • GSM transmission


We organize training seminars for our customers on a regular basis. The seminars place emphasis on selecting the correct installation place and type of measurement to be used by which means many problems, which may be difficult to solve after technological process is started, are prevented.


Heating costs billing

Within the scope of services provided by our company, we also offer billing services for heating costs according to individual consumptions summed up on the heating costs distributors (indicators).

These are re-calculated according to position coefficients taken into account and pursuant to individual powers of heating elements, the total energy consumption and its costs in the entire house are split into individual housing units.

Metrological centre

We provide comprehensive support in the area of testing, calibrations, repairs, warranty and after-warranty service for water meters, flow meters, heat and cold meters. This may present, e.g. the comprehensive process from removal of the meter at the customer, transport to our metrological centre, cleaning, eventual repairs (refurbishment), adjusting, verification (calibration), transport back and re-installation.

According to Act No. 505/1990 Coll. on metrology as amended by Act No. 119/2000 Coll., we have been authorised by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing to verify the runoff volume meters, heat and cold meters and their elements since 2001.

AMS K 87

Metrology laboratory for flow meters and heat meters

  • Initial and subsequent verification of water meters for cold and hot water
  • Initial and subsequent verification of heat and cold meters and their elements
  • Provision of verification of Pt 100, Pt 500, Pt 1000 platinum temperature sensors
  • Verification of meters within calibration verification of unspecified meters and special flow meters, including adjusting
  • Refurbishment of flow meters and heat meters
  • possibility of assembling and disassembling of meters at the customer, including transport
  • Express repairs and verification within 24 hours, hiring of measurement lines, including operators
  • Sales, service and after-warranty service for measurement hardware