COMAC CAL s.r.o. has been engaged in development and production of measuring and sensor technology since its establishment


Thanks to our own development centre, we have been able to offer the customer solutions made to order so that they can fully suit to their requirements and in all sorts of industries.


The roots of our company date back to 1987 when a special group under a housing cooperative came into existence to deal with the development of heat meters for residential buildings. Since then, a wide range of measuring systems and sensors have been developed and manufactured to offer solutions based on measured quantities or measuring principles.

The in-house development centre solves the most varied specific problems and helps find out the best starting point for client’s tasks. Thanks to establishment of the authorized Metrological and Calibration Centre, we are capable of testing meters and sensors and overall solution designed by our team of workers.

Our customers come from all sorts of industries, including petrochemical, food processing, water management, power engineering or mining with the appropriate ATEX.


Our products

Flow meters

Inductive flow meter FLOW 38 from company Comac CAL s.r.o

Flow switches

Flow Switch 10/11/15/20 od společnosti Comac Cal s.r.o.

Batch meters

Heat meters

Heat meter Callor 40 from Comac CAL s.r.o

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