Flow Switch

In a number of technological processes, it is very important to control the flow of media in the pipeline without having to accurately measure the flow of information (cooling circuits, empty pumps, batch run, etc.). For such purposes, flow controllers are preferably applied. In principle, all of our meters can be used for this purpose as flow rate monitors, and the whole range of our induction and blade flow meters is also available.

In general, the principles of flow watches can be divided into mechanical and electronic. For mechanical guards, it is often a matter of destroying the resilient element (paddle switches) to ensure the proper operation of the guard, even after a short interval of use. In the case of an electronic guard, this is a calorimetric principle without any mechanical elements, and thus with a much lower susceptibility to the actual destruction of these watchers and with a very long life. A great advantage is the precise setting of the switching point by the learning system.

Calorimetrics flow switch

Calorimetric flow meters work on the principle of different cooling rates of a heating sensor immersed in a cross sectional profile, depending on the flow rate of the medium. Thus, if the submerged sensor cools down faster, it means that the flow of the medium is faster and vice versa, if the sensor cools down more slowly, the flow rate is lower.

Benefit and usage

This measurement principle is especially effective for lower flow velocities and achieves the highest efficiency for speeds up to 150cm / s. The guards are equipped with adjusting members for customer customization of switching / expanding thresholds as required. Depending on the type, they are also capable of displaying the current flow rate (may be supplemented with an approximate current output of 4-20mA). Due to the absence of moving particles, they have a very long service life and high reliability. Together with simple user-mount installation, they are the ideal solution for flow monitoring.

Flow switch with paddlewheel

These are flow meters, which can also be used as flow monitors. They are again designed for all liquids, that is non-conductive. The blade itself is complemented by an electronic impulse evaluation unit with the impulse movement of the blades around the sensing member, possibly according to the set flow rate of the medium.

Benefit and usage

The sensor is equipped with a microswitch for setting the switching / expansion point of the flow monitor. In this mode, the contact is closed or disconnected at the output according to the media speed in the pipeline. Additionally, the meter can be equipped with a 4-20mA current output to transmit the flow / flow rate (depending on the type). A major improvement is the absence of any magnetic parts for blade motion sensing and therefore much longer maintenance-free operation. Ideal use of this type of guard is at flow rates above 100cm / s.

Flow switch 05 from Comac Cal s.r.o.
FLOW SWITCH from Comac CAL s.r.o