A new generation of Macnaught MX series flow meters is due to long time stability, high endurance and reliability is adapted for the widest use in various industries.


Key technical properties

The flow meter with Macnaught oval wheels is made in connections from ¼“ up to 4″ with the possibility of connection through ordinary BSP and NPT threads also with flange adapters, namely for flow rates from 0.5 l/h up to 1200 l/min. After implementation in special technologies, they are available in several material designs (AISI 316, aluminium, PPS).

One of the other advantages is also the special bayonet clamping system for the pulse or display units, thanks to which the entire system is readily available for use and fully portable to other meters.

Display units are made in several versions with various outputs so as to satisfy most of the customer needs. Based on assignment, adequate type is specified with wall mounting or meter’s body mounting. This is ER Display or PR Display, namely in separated or compact versions. In the case of compact version, electronic units and flow meters are fitted with unique M-Lock system allowing quick mounting on the meter or replacing in some case.


Application of the meter in industry

  • Measuring high viscosity oils in oil management
  • Measuring cooking oils and alcohols in food processing industry
  • Dosing additives in technologies
  • Measuring Diesel oil and petrol in fuel management
  • Measuring all sorts of chemicals also in explosive atmosphere


Macnaught MX series flow meter with oval wheels and its main advantages


  • Increased pressure rating (up to 2000 psi)
  • Increased measurement accuracy (0.25%)
  • High repeatability (0.03%))
  • Low pressure loss
  • Selection from 6 display and impulse units
  • Selection from several types of process connection
  • Usable also for high viscosity media
  • 2-year warranty
  • Simple installation and service on site
Product photogalery

Technical parameters