The following are the products made by COMAC CAL s.r.o.

Wide portfolio of products, ranging from a simple custom-built sensor to more complex and highly intelligent accurate dosing systems.

We develop and make measuring and sensor technologies by which means we help our customers reach more economical and efficient production.

Within the framework of specific problems of our customers, our products are put in individual product lines according to solutions offered by them. These are heat meters, flow meters, flow and flux monitors, pressure sensors, level sensors, thermometers, and combined sensors. These products can be adapted according to customer’s requirements to achieve the maximum functionality of the system.

Naturally, professional assistance belongs to these products when designing the technology, during installation, and last but not least, during current checks of the meter or sensor status. Our own authorized Metrology and Calibration Centre serves these purposes. Thanks to this, we are able to help the customers solve all sorts of problems, including consultations and checking the measurement for correction.

We have our own development centre which is able to offer the customer the solution made to order so that it can fully suit to their requirements and namely in all sorts of branches of industry.

New products