Battery powered flow meter

It was especially designed for placing it in the areas without any supply voltage and its ideal placement is on main pipelines, sewerage or various sewage conduits. The flow meter excels in high accuracy within the entire flow range.

Prior to every measurement, automatic diagnosis of all functions and components that are necessary for proper admeasurement takes place. Based on the results, the meter is able to identify if the pipeline is empty and it cancels the entire measurement and/or conversely, it will evaluate the flow direction and include the results in corresponding summation registries.

Battery charging is directly dependent on the measurement period selected and on the outputs used; in case of a 10-sec period, the service life is 6 years min.


  • powered by internal lithium battery
  • optional external power supply
  • module for GMS data transmission
  • data archival on micro SD card
  • nearly maintenance-free operation
  • 350° swivel display for comfortable reading
  • simple and trouble-free installation and operation
  • no pressure losses


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 38 v přírubovím provedení čidla


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 38 v sendvičovém provedení čidla


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 38 v závitovém provedení čidla


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 38 v potravinářským provedení čidla


Power internal – lithium battery
external – 12V DC, 500mA
Type of electronic head (H)
Design compact (Tmax 90 °C), separated (standard 3m cable)
Diameter nominal DN 10÷200 (other DN upon agreement with the manufacturer)
Materiál výstelek rubber (hard, soft, for potable water): DN 32÷DN 400 (Tmax 80 °C)
PTFE: DN 15÷DN 250 (Tmax 150 °C), PFA: DN 300÷DN 400 (Tmax 130 °C)
Electrode material CrNi steel DIN 1.4571, Hastelloy C4, Titan, Tantal
Construction all-welded frame
Sensor material flanged – stainless steel and structural steel with polyurethane coating
sandwich, threaded, food processing – stainless steel
Process connection sandwich
flanged DIN (EN1092)
threaded (EN1092)
food processing (fittings DIN 11851, clamp)
Pressure PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40
Max. ambient temperature 20 μS
Measure range (Qmin/Qmax) bidirectional for 0,2÷12 m/s (1/60)
Flow meter accuracy up to 1%
Measurement period 1÷60 s
Pressure loss negligible
Additional electrodes grounding and detection electrodes for empty piping
Empty piping detection DN 15÷DN 400
Display zakázkový, 8 characters
Controls 2× external button (viewing values)
3× internal button (viewing + parameter changing)
Outputs (passive) impulse, RS485 (protocols M-BUS/Mod-Bus), GSM data transmission
Data archival Micro SD card
Ambient temperature 0÷55 °C
Flow sensor protection IP65, IP67, IP68
Electronics protection IP67


The evaluation unit setting can be carried out in three ways; namely by using internal buttons, via PC or NTB using the Micro USB connector, and/or by programming the loader on the micro SD card (resetting is carried out by its loading).

For calculation of battery service life, besides the period of measurement, outputs or communication used are important as well. The more power demanding outputs are, the shorter battery service life is. That is why it is necessary to select very carefully the type of communication or outputs as well as data transmission period.