FLOW 38 Batch

Induction batch flow meter for industry

It is an integral compact system for handling batch-related problems from initial batch setting, its metering (its suspension or cancellation in some case) up to direct control of the actuator using the control voltage up to 230VAC.

The control is modified also for operation using gloves so that it can correspond to usage in heavy industry.

The flow measuring sensor can be provided with the process connection as required (flange-, sandwich- (inter-flange), threaded-, and dairy fittings (DIN 11851) or Clamp).


  • industrial construction of the batch flow meter
  • very simple and intuitive operation
  • potentiometer for adjusting the batch size
  • possible suspension of the batch for its completion later
  • pulse output of the flow with a variable constant
  • high resistance to abrasion (even flowing concrete)
  • the flow sensor can be modified to a very aggressive or alkaline fluid
  • extensive variability of process connection
  • sensor can be in all-stainless steel construction


Elektronika k produktu FLOW38 Batch






Power supply 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Input power 4,6 VA
Type of electronics Batch box (B)
Design separated (standard cable length 3 m)
Diameter nominal DN 10÷400
Lining material rubber (hard, soft, with potable water test certificate), PTFE
PFA, E-CTFE, FEP, ceramics
Electrode material CrNi steel DIN 1.4571, Hastelloy C4, Titan, Tantal
Frame all-welded
Sensor material flanged – stainless steel and structural steel with polyurethane coating
sandwich, threaded, food grade – stainless steel
Process connections sandwich
flanged DIN (EN1092)
threaded (EN ISO 228-1)
food grade (fitting DIN 11851, Clamp)
Pressure PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40
Min. conductivity of the measured fluid 20 μS (at a lower conductivity, upon agreement with the manufacturer)
Flow meter measuring range (Qmin/Qmax) 0,2÷12 m/s (1/60); 0,12÷12 m/s (1/100); 0,06÷12 m/s (1/200)
Flow meter accuracy accuracy up to 0,5 %, repeatability up to 0,2 %
Pressure loss negligible
Additional electrodes grounding and detection electrodes for empty piping (DN 15÷DN 400)
Empty piping detection DN 15÷DN 400
Display LCD 2×16 characters
Control 2x button (START, STOP) and potentiometer for adjusting the batch size
3× microswitch button (viewing + changing the control unit parameters)
Outputs 2x valve actuation output
impulse/flow switch (max. 400 Hz)
Max. ambient temperature 55 °C
Flow sensor degree of protection IP65, IP67, IP68
Electronics degree of protection IP65
Material of the evaluation unit ABS plastic
Size of the evaluation unit 220x170x80 mm (HxWxD)
Weight of the evaluation unit 2540 g


The construction of the BATCH unit is robust and modified by its simple operation and large controls for adjusting even with gloves, namely under very heavy conditions, supplemented with a complete noise suppressing filter.

The evaluation unit is provided with two external buttons (green and red ones) on the bottom of the unit controlling the batch and with a potentiometer between the buttons for adjusting the batch size. Moreover, there are three adjusting buttons on the meter itself located on the lower part of the stainless-steel plate of the measuring electronics.

Functions of the batch control buttons (lower):

  • Potentiometer Adjustment of the batch size, whereas the minimum potentiometer value corresponds to the set limit for the minimum batch and the maximum displacement of the potentiometer corresponds to the maximum batch size.
  • Green „START“ buttonThe start of adjusted batch from the beginning, possibly its restart in case of being previously stopped with the red button.
  • Red „STOP“ buttonStopping the ongoing batch. In case that the batch has been suspended, the entire incomplete batch is zeroed and the unit is ready for restarting the batch from the beginning by means of the green button.
Elektronika k produktu FLOW38 Batch