Industrial induction flow meter without a display unit

The flow meter can be in all-stainless construction where the evaluation unit is located right on the flow meter sensor. The advantage is that the meter can be used in various technologies where the customer needs pulse or current signals from the meter for process management without having to use the display unit. Its applications are found in various industrial branches.

The flow meter is equipped with two informative LEDs that indicate the status of the meter. Electrical connection is ensured by means of the standard 8-pin M12 connector. Settings are implemented by means of Bluetooth communication, thanks to which all settings of the meter can be changed, including two impulse and one current outputs, flow simulation, or the representation of the current flow on a portable device by means of Android application.


  • Setting via Bluetooth communication
  • Optional compact design with full stainless construction
  • Very rigid construction
  • Extensive variability of mechanical connection
  • Wide choice of materials for liners and electrodes
  • Status signalling with LEDs
  • Maintenance-free operation


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 33 v přírubovém provedení čidla


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 33 v sendvičovém provedení čidla


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 33 v závitovém provedení čidla


Indukční průtokoměr FLOW 33 v potravinářském provedení čidla


Supply voltage 24V DC±15% with reverse polarity protection
Input power 4,2 VA
Electrical connection by means of M12x1 (8pin) connector
Design compact (Tmax 90 °C)
Diameter nominal DN 10÷400
Lining material rubber (hard, soft, certificate for potable water), PTFE, PFA, E-CTFE, FEP, ceramics
Electrode material CrNi steel DIN 1.4571, Hastelloy C4, Titan, Tantal
Construction all-welded frame
Sensor material flanged – stainless steel and structural steel with polyurethane coating
sandwich, threaded, food processing – stainless steel
Process connection sandwich
flanged DIN (EN1092)
threaded (EN ISO 228-1)
food processing (fittings DIN 11851, Clamp)
Pressure PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40
Min. medium conductivity 20 μS (at a lower conductivity, upon agreement with manufacturer)
Measure range (Qmin/Qmax) unidirectional/bidirectional for 0,2÷12 m/s (1/60)
Flow meter accuracy accuracy up to 0,5 %, repeatability up to 0,2 %
Pressure loss negligible
Additional electrodes reference grounding and detection ones for empty pipeline (DN 10÷DN 400)
Empty pipeline detection DN 15÷DN 400
Display 2x LED (meter status distinguished by 4 colours)
Settings via Bluetooth
Outputs (passive) OUT 1 – impulse (max. 1,6 KHz, selectable constant)
OUT 2 – impulse (imp. constant as per OUT1)/status/flow switch
Analogue  4÷20 mA (adjustable range)
Max. ambient temperature 55 °C
Flow sensor protection IP65
Ambient humidity max. 90%


The state of the meter is continuously indicated by two LED indicators located in the cover plate of the evaluation unit (next to M12 connector).

LED 1 LED 2 Description Current output


The meter is in order and the flow is zero or negative (for single-direction measurement) 4 mA


flickering blue

The meter is in order and the flow is positive whereas the blue LED indicates the transmission of volumetric pulses 4÷20 mA



Empty measuring tube < 4 mA


Meter is out of order, servicing needed < 4 mA



Meter is temporarily out of parameters < 4 mA

Meter is temporarily out of parameters
Vizualizace LED signalizace produktu FLOW33