The COMAC CAL s.r.o. company

The COMAC CAL s.r.o. Company has been engaged in development and production of measuring and sensor technologies since its establishment

Thanks to our own development centre, we are able to offer the customer solutions made to order so that it can fully suit to their requirements and in all sorts of branches of industry.

The roots of our company date back to 1987 when a special group engaged in heat meter production was established under the housing co-operative being engaged in production of heat meters for the housing stock Since then, a range of measuring systems and sensors have been developed and manufactured, offering solutions based on measured variables or principles of measurement.

The company’s own development centre solves all sorts of specific problems and helps find the best starting point for the customer’s assignment. Thanks to the establishment of the Authorized Metrology and Calibration Centre, we are able to certify not only meters and sensors but also the overall solution designed by our team of co-workers.

Our customers are the companies operating in various industries, such as chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, water and energy management with corresponding ATEX certificates.


The major industrial entities in the Czech Republic, where our meters, sensors, or batching systems are installed, are among our customers. It is a cross-section through all industries, ranging from heavy engineering, metallurgical and mining via chemical industries to food processing and water management sectors. You can find just a small list of our most significant clients below: